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Where Perfected Technique Meets The Realm of the Soul....


Soul: /sōl/  emotional or intellectual  energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance. 


Master Classes


Intensive academic instruction within a small group setting. Studio is located in an atmospheric and beautifully renovated building near downtown that is part of  Castleberry Hill, one of The Goat Farm collection of art-centric properties. 

Master Classes

George A. Morton


Director and Principal Instructor

Meet George

Be a Part of a Growing Movement....



We are developing an apprenticeship program for advanced students . 

Pursuit of Excellence Workshops


 As part of Atelier South's belief in the pursuit of excellence, watch for special demos and workshops from world reknown artists. 

Odysseys and Outings


Join  us for  unique  journeys  crafted to inspire and inform. Look for an announcement soon for news of our unique insider’s trip to Amsterdam and our 2020 trip to Egypt. Extraordinary sights and experiences  in these lands whose traditions inspired subsequent civilizations, golden ages,  and the Renaissance. 



Important to the ethos of Atelier South will be giving back to the community.  As we grow we hope to develop effective outreach to young art students with merit scholarships, special events and workshops. 

USA TODAY Came to the Studio

USA TODAY recently spent a day in the studio gathering information and interviewing George for a feature article on the subject of the historical rarity of finding African American artists in the classical arts. The article was published on the front page of USA TODAY May 2019. 

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