Thank you Atlanta! Winter Session Master Classes begin January 8, 2020

Terms and Conditions and Studio Rules

By registering, students acknowledge they have read and agree with these terms and conditions.

1. All paid tuition for Atelier South programs, classes, workshops and travel field trip opportunities is non-refundable and non -transferable. Non-Transferable means: that no one may attend on your behalf; your registration may not be transferred to anyone else; you may not transfer your registration fees to another program, workshop, or class. Sorry no exceptions.

2. If a class, workshop or program is cancelled without a make-up day, paid tuition will be refunded for the days canceled. 

3. Atelier South and George A. Morton reserve the right to take photos of classes along with student work for publicity purposes.  By registering, student acknowledges that right, however, Atelier South will always be sensitive to a students right to privacy and will check with a student prior to publicizing.  

4. Atelier South and George A. Morton are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles during Atelier South programs, including classes, workshops and art field-trips.

5. Attendee acknowledges and agrees that Atlelier South and George A. Morton are not liable for any injury, physical or mental.

6. Atelier South and George A. Morton accept no responsibility for any student loss associated with unrecoverable travel costs or reservations.

7. Atelier South and George A. Morton reserve the right to cancel any student’s participation in classes, workshops or events without refund for disrespectful behavior towards other students, models, teachers or the Studio.

8. While participating in any Atelier South class, workshop or art field trip,  please be respectful to others.

9. Do not approach the model and attempt to make adjustments. If an adjustment needs to be made, talk to the instructor.  Do not engage the model in conversation while posing. 

10. The model poses for 20 minutes, with 5 minute breaks. Punctuality is expected: be at your easel while model is up. Doors close prior to the start of each pose.

11. The ability to concentrte is integral to the art process. Cell phones need to be turned off, or on silent, and put away during class. In addition, please keep unnecessary conversation to a minium during class. 

12.  Easels set up before class each day, with each positions assigned by raffle at the beginning of the session. 

13.  If you arrive late please enter quietly. If you have equipment to set up, please wait for a break to set up so that you do not disrupt the class.

14.  Please keep your personal items to a minimum to save on space.

15. You are more than welcome to photograph your own work and progress.

16. Photography of the model is strictly prohibited without the consent of the instructor and the model.

Contact Registrar Mary Ferguson with questions:  404 788-1399