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Odysseys and Outings

Inspirational Journeys

At Atelier South we adhere to the principle that gifted artists create masterpieces from rigorous training infused with inspiration and personal life-experience. This is the nexus where "perfected technique meets the realm of the soul."  And in the soul abides the spark that animates, elevates and distinguishes an artist and his unique work.  

In pursuit of inspiration and experience, Atelier South will sponsor, from time to time, meticulously designed hosted journeys to explore the world's most historically significant and culturally rich destinations. Appealing to art-lovers and other intellectually adventurous travelers, our upscale journeys will be custom-crafted to satisfy the senses and stimulate the soul.



Eternal Egypt - WAITLIST

Feb. 5 - 20, 2020

  Join us for a two-week custom-designed exploration of  the mystical land  that laid the foundation for all the Noble Arts. From the earliest  pyramid-builders along the Nile were sown the seeds that flowered over  centuries into the greatest artistic, scientific and philosophical  movements of Western Civilization. Our exclusive, exquisitely compelling  journey will be conducted at a luxe level certain to please discerning  art-lovers and inquisitive travelers of all interests.  

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Eternal Egypt

Arts, Architecture & Sacred Mysteries

February 05 - 20, 2020