Thank you Atlanta! Winter Session Master Classes begin January 8, 2020


Students Say


 "As someone who is pretty much obsessed with creating representational art, I had been told there really is no better way to train than to study from life. When George opened the doors of Atelier South, he granted access to centuries of classical knowledge as well as the chance to regularly study from life. 

Whether it's sharpening the eye for slight angle shifts through Bargue drawing or carefully extracting the gesture of a live model, George encourages us to look deeper.  His reassuring manner instructs while preserving hope; if we are passionate, persistent but also patient- anything is possible. It's a thought process that has already helped me in my work outside the classroom on a practical level but also on an ever-important inspirational level.

 At times it feels to me like Atelier South's studio vacillates between artistic retreat, fostering a genuine and ardent art-loving community and a creative bootcamp, helping to push each of us to a new level of ability depending on the moment! It's a rare but oh-so rewarding weekly experience. - Jen"